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Polar Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer
The Institution of engineers (India), EL (2009)
  • D. K. Chaturvedi, Dayalbagh Educational Institute
A neuro fuzzy logic based adaptive power system stabilizer (AFPSS) has been developed using angularspeed deviation and angular acceleration as the input variables. It consists of two main parts, namely, fuzzylogic controller (FLC) and generalized neuron (GN) based identifier. The inference mechanism of the fuzzylogic controller is represented by rule-base and a data-base. Three parameters have been introduced to tunethe FPSS. These parameters are decided on the basis of GN-identifier output and present system conditions.This mechanism of tuning the AFPSS makes the fuzzy logic based power system stabilizer adaptive tochanges with the operating conditions. Therefore, the degradation of the system response, under a widerange of operating conditions, is less compared to the system response with a fixed-parameter conventionalpower system stabilizer (CPSS). Performances of the CPSS and the AFPSS are compared for different
  • polar Fuzzy,
  • PSS,
  • Power System,
  • Fuzzy logic
Publication Date
Winter December 10, 2009
Citation Information
D. K. Chaturvedi. "Polar Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer" The Institution of engineers (India), EL Vol. 90 Iss. 3 (2009)
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