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International Media Studies
SIAS Faculty Book Gallery
  • Divya C. McMillin, University of Washington Tacoma
International Media Studies is a bold approach to the field that situates media studies within the international context of the networked, globalized 21st century. Moving beyond the idea of the West and the Rest, this volume introduces audience/reception research from areas that have been previously underrepresented in media studies, such as Egypt, South East Asia, China, Taiwan, and Tibet.Using postcolonial theory, it addresses the issues of the overlapping narratives of global, national, and local identities; and showcases global media patterns from a variety of countries around the world. The text surveys the reception of a wide variety of media content and formats including television, cinema, magazines, and popular music. It addresses theoretical concepts such as hybridity and methods such as ethnography. International Media Studies is a comprehensive assessment of the state of media studies as it is being practiced throughout the world.
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Blackwell Publishing
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Divya C. McMillin. International Media Studies. Malden, MA(2007)
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