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Global Stability of Two-Scale Network Human Epidemic
Neural, Parallel & Scientific Computations (2011)
  • Divine Wanduku, University of South Florida
  • G. S. Ladde, University of South Florida
The recent high rate of globalization of new disease strains and infectious agents at non-endemic zones is closely associated with complex human population structure and the large-scale inter-patch connections human transportations. The complexities in the human population structure create heterogeneities with respect to patch dwelling populations as well as endemic population structure. We present a multi-group SIRS dynamic epidemic process in the context of scale structured population. For simplicity we limit the scale to the value of two and define a multi-scale extension algorithm for the epidemic process. We investigate the global uniform asymptotic stability of the disease free equilibrium of the scale structured epidemic dynamic process and its impact on the emergence, propagation and resurgence of the disease. The presented results are demonstrated by numerical simulation results.
  • Global stability,
  • Two-scale network,
  • Human epidemic
Publication Date
March, 2011
Citation Information
Divine Wanduku and G. S. Ladde. "Global Stability of Two-Scale Network Human Epidemic" Neural, Parallel & Scientific Computations Vol. 19 Iss. 1-2 (2011) p. 65 - 90 ISSN: 1061-5369
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