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Evaluation of Three NA/LT In-Bin Drying Strategies in Four Corn Belt Locations
Transactions of the ASAE (2004)
  • Ricardo E. Bartosik, Purdue University
  • Dirk E. Maier, Purdue University
The performance of the variable heat (VH), continuous natural air (CNA), and continuous constant heat (CH) fan and burner control strategies were evaluated using simulation for four locations (Indianapolis, Ind.; Des Moines, Iowa; Lansing, Mich.; and Minneapolis, Minn.), three airflow rates (0.83, 1.1, and 1.7 m 3 min -1 t -1 ), and two harvest dates (25% and 75% of the harvest period). The ideal airflow rate for each location/harvest date combination was determined based on the criterion of limiting the dry matter loss (DML) to 0.5% or less, and minimizing the total drying cost. An airflow rate of 1.1 m 3 min -1 t -1 was identified as optimum for the VH and the CH in-bin drying control strategies in all locations. In a comparison based on total drying cost, final moisture content (MC) range, average final MC, and drying ending date, the VH strategy outperformed the other two strategies (CNA and CH) for all location and harvest date combinations. A sensitivity analysis showed that the VH strategy costs were sufficiently stable to make it the least-cost option for the entire range of propane, electricity, and grain prices explored.
  • Corn,
  • Drying simulation,
  • Fan and burner control,
  • Natural air/low temperature drying,
  • Variable heat
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Copyright 2004 American Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers. Used with permission.
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Ricardo E. Bartosik and Dirk E. Maier. "Evaluation of Three NA/LT In-Bin Drying Strategies in Four Corn Belt Locations" Transactions of the ASAE Vol. 47 Iss. 4 (2004) p. 1195 - 1206 ISSN: 0001-2351
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