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Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd: Pioneering Transformation from unorganized to organized Service Retail
Global Summit for Management Cases (2014)
  • Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao

Indian service retail industry witnessed sea change in the way consumer preferences. The implication of that was evident in brain storming at Ganesh Bhel, which was the most popular destination for its taste of bhelpuri and other chaat products (the popular traditional Indian tasty & spicy fast food category).August 2008, at the Famous & crowded Ganesh Bhel retail outlet, Mr. Dinesh & Rupesh Gudmewar were having through discussion going on with their father Mr. Ramesh Gudmewar, (Founder of Ganesh Bhel in 1978 in Pune city) on transforming it from a commodity business into an organized enterprise. Mr. Ramesh wondered on how traditionally kiosk business could be run like an organized business. Mr. Dinesh wanted Ganesh Bhel to evolve in to organization with strong brand name synonymous to taste & quality. Apart from other challenges of paucity of resources, the major challenge for the Gen-Next was to convince Mr. Ramesh whether this could be made a reality, as nobody did this before in Pune. The study of Dinesh & Rupesh was saying about consumers turning towards better quality products & service. The way from a roadside vendor to a famous Bhelpuri Store could no more be smooth just by selling. Their business needed right marketing strategy to turn their dreams of creating an organized fast food service retail company in to reality. It was a critical time for them to prepare a right marketing strategy for the future evolution. The case revolves around the marketing transformation of Ganesh Bhel from a local Bhelpuri vendor into established fast-food retail organization (in bhelpuri segment) and “Best Bhelpuri Award” by Red FM 93.5 Channel and now Ganesh Bhel planning to go Global. The case analyzes their dilemma of developing marketing strategy for turning small enterprises in to established players addressing issues of small service retail organizations. The case also gives insights about entrepreneur’s dilemma evolving in changing business scenario. It can be also taught for addressing issues of service marketing, building brand equity and Segmentation –targeting- Positioning. Learning Objectives of the Case: 1. To understand various marketing strategies for growth particularly for small & growth stage companies like Ganesh Bhel 2. To understand marketing challenges of evolving companies for products and services marketing 3. To understand the customer segments of new Indian fast food taste evolving for the insights of marketing for Ganesh Bhel. 4. To analyze factors for choosing the right and sustainable marketing strategy

  • Services Marketing,
  • Marketing strategy,
  • Organized Retail,
  • Brand positioning strategy,
  • Fast Food Service Retailing
Publication Date
Winter December 11, 2014
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Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao. "Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd: Pioneering Transformation from unorganized to organized Service Retail" Global Summit for Management Cases (2014)
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