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Study of current marketing behavior practices for application of marketing behavior matrix in online marketing
International Journal of Research In Management (2014)
  • Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao

Behavioral aspect in marketing domain has been crucial majorly from consumer‟s point of view. Since 1957, exceptthe theory of MBEA (Marketing Behavior and Executive Action) by Prof. Wroe Alderson, the behavioral part was researched only in the consumer buying behavior arena. In the words of Prof. Wroe Alderson –“All marketing activity is an aspect of the interaction among organized behavior systems related to each other in what may be described as an ecological network. Operating systems are a subclass of behavior systems, distinguished by inputs and outputs and the structuring of processes to achieve efficiency” (Wroe Alderson, 1957). As per the above statement there is scope of research for the behavioral aspects of marketing function with various elements of market i.e. customers, competitors, and marketing partners‟ regulatory bodies. Further to the above said, the marketing behavior becomes critical in the online marketing field as the human interface is minimum as compared to the traditional marketing , and demands high level of human touch as the online marketing growing with heavy industry competition. This paper adopts case study methodology to do initial exploration of current marketing behavior pattern with these elements since the marketing activity is an aspect of organized behavior system w.r.t. marketing. In this paper the researcher has attempted an exploratory study of marketing behavior practices currently acrossindustries to come out with marketing behavior matrix which can be applied to the online retailing arena ( a fast growing B2C part of online marketing industry i.e. ecommerce. As the online marketing industry is growing, the customers are demanding many more things than just change of technology. The researcher intends to address the future need of looking at marketing function with a sincere behavioral approach towards various market elements. The need of evaluation in the light of online marketing has become critical as almost every consumer company is tapping internet as major gateway to market growth

  • online marketing,
  • marketing behaviour
Publication Date
Winter January 12, 2014
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Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao. "Study of current marketing behavior practices for application of marketing behavior matrix in online marketing" International Journal of Research In Management Vol. 1 Iss. 4 (2014)
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