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Gali to Globe: Business Model Evolution at Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd
Flame Case Conference 2015 (2015)
  • Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao

“Pune tithe Kay Une(Nothing is less in Pune)” this was the line echoing in the mind of Mr. Dinesh Gudmewar, young budding entrepreneur in the food service retailing business of bhel .This young son of the Mr. Ramesh Gudmewar ,Founder of Ganesh Bhel, had just taken over as the next gen of Ganesh Bhel, Pune. Mr. Ramesh had developed the business of the Bhelpuri (the popular traditional Indian tasty & spicy fast food category) with the skill sets and hard work through these years. But Dinesh was enthusiastic about taking this business to next level like many big names in the food service retailing were doing. This was a great surprise to their father Mr. Ramesh, since nobody in India has ever thought of growing the bhelpuri business in the corporate way, his sons were thinking. Nothing was going in favour of this plan of Mr. Dinesh, neither the support of the founder, nor the trend in the market of bhelpuri. Against all odds he was thinking of transforming Ganesh Bhel in to a big food service retail business. Lots of new things were going to happen in the Bhelpuri Business in India and at Ganesh Bhel, Pune. The major challenge in front of Mr. Dinesh was about bringing marketing strategy in the services provided in Ganesh Bhel Stores. On one hand the old generation was insisting traditional product selling model, on the other hand the Gen Next was aiming for creating world class service retail organization so as to become best alternative for the customers who expect world class service experience along with a quality product. Market was dynamic and situation was very demanding to overcome this dilemma, when the Gen Next was eyeing on going global very soon. Their business needed right marketing strategy to turn their dreams of creating an organized fast food service retail company in to reality. It was a critical time for them to prepare a right marketing strategy for the future evolution. The think tank at Ganesh Bhel called for an important Meeting to discuss the roadmap for the future marketing strategy

  • Retailing,
  • Service Marketing,
  • Distribution,
  • Entrepreneurship
Publication Date
Fall July 11, 2015
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Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao. "Gali to Globe: Business Model Evolution at Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt Ltd" Flame Case Conference 2015 (2015)
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