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Study of Collaborative marketing approach for Borderless Business World
  • Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao

The business world with borders is like a pond where the constraints are small and simple. But business world in the borderless world will be like an ocean where the borders seem without limits but with high complexity. So what makes the business simpler in limited markets is the “Degree of knowledge “about the markets & business. Fragmented markets make it easy for the entire marketer’s to compete in such businesses. But in case of the Borderless business environment this “Degree of Knowledge “about the markets becomes lower in a very strange way. So much so that in spite of a great market with high business potential, organizations faces difficulties for their typical COMPETITIVE approach. These are the companies carrying their competitive approach from bordered world to the borderless world. Researcher has attempted to study a unique marketing approach i.e. Collaborative Marketing approach over traditional competitive marketing Approach in light of the borderless business world. The research methodology adopted here is Case study methodology, as this approach being in its early stages, since the globalization has now started showing its impact on the world. A new borderless world is now shaping up the business environment. Models of competitive advantages were shaped during the bordered business world. Researcher has attempted to study the collaborative marketing advantages for the borderless world. Customers, competitors, regulatory bodies are the main architect elements of this borderless business world where the researcher has kept the focus of study

  • : Customers,
  • Competitors,
  • Collaborative Marketing,
  • competitive advantage
Publication Date
Winter February 22, 2013
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Dipanjay Jayant Bhalerao. "Study of Collaborative marketing approach for Borderless Business World" (2013)
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