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Unpublished Paper
Identity Theft: The Silent Thief
ExpressO (2009)
  • Dina Nesheiwat, St. Thomas University
Identity theft it is a silent crime that has become an increasingly common occurrence for numerous individuals and families. Victims of identity theft experience countless days of frustration and helplessness in efforts to fix and repair their identity, yet it only takes a few steps to thwart this turmoil from the beginning. Sadly, there are still some families who ignore or do not know how to guard themselves from identity fraud. Some people are insensible that it can and may happen to them. Unfortunately, while pieces of their life, years of hard work and dignity can suddenly be stripped away from them, somewhere there is a criminal profiting at their expense.
  • Identity theft
Publication Date
April 29, 2009
Citation Information
Dina Nesheiwat. "Identity Theft: The Silent Thief" ExpressO (2009)
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