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The Faculty Role in Civic Engagement
Peer Review (2003)
  • Edward Zlotkowski, Bentley College
  • Dilafruz R. Williams, Portland State University

Contrary to what many faculty may believe, even foundational or traditional knowledge--the province of liberal learning as traditionally understood--will not, in and of itself, result in the kind of civic literacy the country now needs. In our time, we must reinvent liberal and professional education and make socially responsive knowledge a key component of every college student's education. Nor can we reserve such concern for our colleagues in student affairs.

  • Service learning,
  • Experiential learning,
  • Student volunteers in social service,
  • Critical thinking
Publication Date
Spring 2003
Publisher Statement
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Edward Zlotkowski and Dilafruz R. Williams. "The Faculty Role in Civic Engagement" Peer Review Vol. 5 Iss. 3 (2003)
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