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System Modeling with UML State Machines
Handbook of Finite State Based Models and Applications (2012)
  • Omar El Ariss, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dianxiang Xu, Dakota State University
In this chapter, we described and discussed UML behavioral state machines and how they can be used in system modeling. The different types of states, transitions, events, and pseudostates supported by UML state machines were explained in the context of the light controller, microwave, or the phone system. We also described how the system modeling process commences. We concluded this chapter with a discussion of how orthogonal components collaborate and communicate through broadcasting of events.
Publication Date
Jiacun Wang
CRC Press
Citation Information
Omar El Ariss and Dianxiang Xu. "System Modeling with UML State Machines" HobokenHandbook of Finite State Based Models and Applications (2012)
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