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Introduction to Service-Learning and Inclusive Education
Service-learning: Enhancing inclusive education (2018)
  • Dianne Chambers, The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Shane Lavery, The University of Notre Dame Australia
This chapter is divided into three main sections. The first section entails an overview of service-learning. Specifically, this section provides an understanding of what service-learning involves, its central components, and its place and value within both higher education and K-12 education. A key consideration stemming from this section is that well-designed service-learning programs have a significant impact on the development of pre-service teachers while at the same time benefiting community partners. The second section reviews the concept of inclusive education. In particular, a working definition of inclusive education is proffered along with ways in which inclusive education is implemented in practice. An important consideration is the development of attitudes and knowledge for inclusive education in both pre-service and in-service teacher training. The third section explores the symbiosis between service-learning and inclusive education. The point being made is that service-learning experiences provide a viable and practical way for people to engage with children and adults who live on the margins of society. This point is especially apposite, as given research suggests that many teachers, especially in Western countries, originate from a middle-class, female population (Grant & Sleeter, 2009), which may prevent interaction with diverse populations. The chapter concludes with the understanding that service-learning has the capacity to engender a greater sense of empathy and appreciation in pre-service teachers that education is an inclusive enterprise.
  • Inclusion,
  • service-learning,
  • K-12,
  • diversity,
  • marginalized
Publication Date
January 1, 2018
Lavery, S., Chambers, D., & Cain, G.
Citation Information
Dianne Chambers and Shane Lavery. "Introduction to Service-Learning and Inclusive Education" BingleyService-learning: Enhancing inclusive education Vol. 12 (2018) p. 3 - 19
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