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Contribution to Book
Conceptualising and measuring inclusive education
Measuring Inclusive Education (2014)
  • Tim Loreman, Concordia University
  • Chris Forlin, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Associate Professor Dianne J Chambers, The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Umesh Sharma, Monash University
  • Joanne Deppeler, Monash University
This chapter provides an overview of inclusive education, specifically
examining conceptualisations of inclusive education and some of the
models used to frame an evaluation of the practice. While international
human rights agreements, covenants and legislation provide definitions
that focus on equity, access, opportunity and rights, inclusive education
continues to lack a tight conceptual focus that may contribute to its
misconception and often confused practices. In the absence of a unified
definition of what inclusion is, attempts to measure or compare such a
complex equity issue are challenging. Some promising models do,
however, exist and are explored in this chapter.
Publication Date
Chris Forlin and Tim Loreman
Citation Information
Loreman, T., Forlin, C., Chambers, D., Sharma, .U, and Deppeler, J. (2014). Conceptualising and measuring inclusive education. In C. Forlin and T. Loreman (eds), Measuring Inclusive Education. Emerald: Online, p.3-17