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Much Ado About Nothing
Theatre Productions
  • Matthew M. Moore, Director
  • Robert Clements, Scenic and Lighting Designer
  • Tim Phipps, Production Manager
  • Rebecca M. Baker, Vocal Coach
  • Diane C. Merchant, Dramaturgy Coordinator
Performance Dates
January 28-30, February 4-6, 2010
Artistic Staff

Director: Matthew Michael Moore

Scenic Designer: Robert L. Clements

Costume Designer: Donald N.C. Jones

Lighting Designer: Robert L. Clements

Stage Manager: Timothy Carter

Assistant Stage Manager: Katherine Marie Nelson

Production Manager: Timothy Phipps

Vocal Coach: Rebecca M. Baker

Dramaturgy Coordinator: Diane Conrad Merchant

Dramaturg: Kayla Renee Peterson

Considered one of Shakespeare's best comedies, Much Ado About Nothing mixes every element of great storytelling into one delightful romp. All the opposing forces are there - suspicion and loyalty, deception and honor, jealousy and true love. And no opposing forces are more delightful to watch than Benedick and Beatrice. Their merry war of wits creates a hilarious backdrop for their transformation from sassy singles to sentimental spouses, while Claudio and Hero are reunited after the truth of Don John's venomous and divisive plot against them is revealed. Experience the triumph of love in this lively production filled with music, celebration, and a cast of some of Shakespeare's most clever characters!
Publication Date
  • Much Ado About Nothing,
  • William Shakespeare,
  • Cedarville University,
  • theatre
Citation Information
Matthew M. Moore, Robert Clements, Tim Phipps, Rebecca M. Baker, et al.. "Much Ado About Nothing" Cedarville, OH(2010)
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