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About Dr. Diane Jonte-Pace

Dr. Jonte-Pace was raised in Northern California. She recalls an interest in the "big questions" from an early age: why do we humans do what we do, believe what we believe, feel what we feel? As a college student at the University of California-Santa Cruz, she was drawn to anthropology, philosophy, classics, psychology, and gender studies. Although it wasn't possible to study them all, a double major in psychology and religious studies provided a unified yet flexible framework for asking the "big questions." Whether she was reading Dante's Purgatorio, the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, Julian's mystical Showings, or Sigmund Freud's Moses and Monotheism, she could pose questions integrating history, culture, and psyche.
Dr. Jonte-Pace went on to attend the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich, Switzerland from 1973-1974 as a non-matriculated student, and then earned an M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Divinity School in Religion and Psychological Studies (1975, 1983). She has been at Santa Clara University since 1988, and currently serves the faculty as Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.


2010 - Present Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Santa Clara University
1988 - 2004 Professor, Santa Clara University Department of Religious Studies

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Contact Information

Phone: (408) 554-4751
Office Hours: By appt.
Location: St. Joseph's Hall
Room number: 215


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