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Perceptions of Family of Origin Cohesion and Adaptability
Counseling Faculty Publications
  • Diane Estrada, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
  • Silvia C. Rafuls
  • Peter A.D. Sherrard
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The study investigated whether sex differences exist in the perception of family cohesion and adaptability in various types of marital configurations as reported through the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales III (FACES). Analysis of variance (ANO-VAs) revealed that sex in interaction with educational level had a higher incidence of predicting ideal family adaptability score. The study highlighted the effects of level of education on perceptions of family functioning and brings to light the importance of considering educational level when interpreting the results of the FACES III for clinical purposes.
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Diane Estrada, Silvia C. Rafuls and Peter A.D. Sherrard. "Perceptions of Family of Origin Cohesion and Adaptability" (2008)
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