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Faculty-Student Differences In Perceptions Of Group Work
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Trent W. Maurer, Georgia Southern University
  • Diana Sturges, Georgia Southern University
  • Padmini Shankar, Georgia Southern University
  • Deborah Allen, Georgia Southern University
  • Saida Akbarova, Georgia Southern University
Proposal Abstract
This session will present results from a project that explored differences in faculty and students' perceptions of group work. Prior research has established the pedagogical benefits of group work and common student objections to it. What remains unknown is differences between how faculty and students perceive: group work, the problems with group work, and the solutions to overcoming those problems. Only by understanding these differences can faculty and students work collaboratively to more effectively use group work. Session objectives include discussing the implications of these results for using group work. The audience will participate in a group work activity and will be invited to build upon the findings. In addition, the audience will brainstorm additional ideas for further refining group work. Attendees will learn both faculty and student perceptions of group work, how and when it is used, barriers and problems with implementing it, and potential solutions to those problems.
Room 2911
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Presentation (Open Access)
Citation Information
Trent W. Maurer, Diana Sturges, Padmini Shankar, Deborah Allen, et al.. "Faculty-Student Differences In Perceptions Of Group Work" (2010)
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