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About Dhaval Kadia

"If Humans are not conscious for other, then why don't we make the Machine that is much conscious for us ?"

"We are living in the world of Problems" that affect Human and other Beings adversely. I strongly believe to solve them as much as I can. Vehicles' accidents are getting the worst nowadays. I want to solve it using Autonomous Vehicle (Self-Driving Car) and I have started to learn and implement its programs.

Being enthusiastic in Analysis, Programming and Mathematics, I began to think solution to problems related to Logic and Computing. Eventually, programming became my hobby and I started giving time for it to get milestones those I had determined. Invention, Research & Creation are prime vertices for me. I am having vision of intensifying Computers with their Extinct Vision.

Areas of Interest : Designing and Analysis of Algorithms, Applications of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Modelling, Simulations, Computer Graphics, Mixed Reality & Development of Autonomous (Self-Driving) Vehicles.

Interests : Imagination, Innovation, Research, Evolution, Human-Brain, Thinking-Process, Secrets of Nature, Deep-Thinking, New Technologies, Different Ideas, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Mental Workspace, Uncertainty, Probability, Drones, etc.

Curriculum Vitae


Present Student, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

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