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A Life of One’s Own: Republican Freedom and Disability
Disability and Society (2014)
  • Jurgen De Wispelaere, McGill University
  • David Casassas
This article outlines a republican perspective on disability. We argue that a commitment to ensuring the republican freedom of disabled citizens offers a promising account of what disabled citizens are owed as a matter of justice. A republican perspective offers a particular diagnosis of the injustice of disability disadvantage, both in relation to individuals (dominium) and the state (imperium), that is congenial to prominent concerns voiced by the disability rights movement. This article also offers a brief outline of three republican remedies: the right of social participation, the right of opportunities for civic contribution, and the right of democratic contestation. These remedies constitute key guidelines for the robust institutional protection of disabled citizens’ republican freedom.
  • contestation,
  • disadvantage,
  • domination,
  • republicanism,
  • social justice
Publication Date
September, 2014
Citation Information
Jurgen De Wispelaere and David Casassas. "A Life of One’s Own: Republican Freedom and Disability" Disability and Society Vol. 29 Iss. 3 (2014) p. 402 - 416
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