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Unpublished Paper
Public Accountability and check on Corruption (India)
ExpressO (2013)
  • dewangana chhillar

Accountability being a golden concept, sometimes it is hard to find someone who is in contravention to it. Public accountability in the recent times has evolved to a level, making it is of immense importance in good governance. Corruption can be checked by installing a systematic structure which would evolve and create independent sources of power and information both inside and outside the government. These structures primarily complement the various reforms and strategies aimed at reducing corrupting opportunities. In a system of public accountability a democratic channel is always ensured.This paper discusses accountability in the light of the Indian scenario and the emerging Lokpal which is a step towards democracy in India.

  • public accountability,
  • lokpal bill in india,
  • corruption
Publication Date
January 6, 2013
Citation Information
dewangana chhillar. "Public Accountability and check on Corruption (India)" ExpressO (2013)
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