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Coping Strategies of Nontraditional Female Students
Andrews Research Conference
  • Desiree Davis, Andrews University
Presenter Status
Buller Room 208
Start Date
15-5-2015 10:10 AM
End Date
15-5-2015 10:35 AM
Presentation Abstract

The fact that more women are in the workforce and going to college has helped in the advancement of women. However, the ever demanding lifestyle of juggling family, work, and school has elicited many challenges to women who are already overworked and stressed due to the multiple demands made upon them. Nontraditional female students characterize the leading emergent set beginning college, with a variety of stressors (Carney-Compton & Tan, 2002). Numerous nontraditional students have delayed their education until they have married and had children (Newbold, Mehta, & Forbus, 2010 and Leonard, 2002). Therefore, nontraditional female students tend to be older than traditional students (Evelyn, 2002). Nontraditional female students are not only present in the classroom but may present for direct service as they struggle to balance their life challenges. Nontraditional female students are in need of effective coping strategies to assist them as they work to manage their complicated lives.

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Desiree Davis. "Coping Strategies of Nontraditional Female Students" (2015)
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