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Edith Patch Papers Reveal the "Duality of Her Powers"
The Olive Tree (2013)
  • Desiree Butterfield-Nagy

This short article traces themes found in the papers of Dr. Edith Marion Patch who accepted a position in 1903 at the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Maine as one of the first female entomologists in the country. She was well known both for her work as a scientist, particularly in the study of aphids, and as an author of several books for children.

  • Edith Patch,
  • University of Maine,
  • entomology,
  • women scientists,
  • faculty,
  • entomologist
Publication Date
Spring 2013
Citation Information
Desiree Butterfield-Nagy. "Edith Patch Papers Reveal the 'Duality of Her Powers'" The Olive Tree 21, no. 1 (2013): 4-5.