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Loan Deficiency Payments or the Loan Program?
CARD Briefing Papers
  • Dermot J. Hayes, Iowa State University
  • Bruce A. Babcock, Iowa State University
Publication Date
Series Number
98-BP 19
Low marked prices for corn and soybeans have triggered two federal price support programs: (1) a Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) that pays producers the difference between county-level prices and that county's loan rate on a date chosen by the producer and (2) a traditional loan program whereby the producer puts grain in storage and uses the grain as collateral on a loan. Producers may enroll in either program, but not in both. Therefore, the authors discuss three choices using existing information to suggest which choice is likely to be the best response.
Citation Information
Dermot J. Hayes and Bruce A. Babcock. "Loan Deficiency Payments or the Loan Program?" (1998)
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