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FAPRI-ISU 2011 World Agricultural Outlook
FAPRI Staff Reports
  • Miguel Carriquiry, Iowa State University
  • Jerome R.F. Dumortier, Iowa State University
  • Amani E. Elobeid, Iowa State University
  • Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Iowa State University
  • Dermot J. Hayes, Iowa State University
  • Karen Kovarik, Iowa State University
  • Kranti Mulik, Iowa State University
  • Juan Francisco Rosas, Iowa State University
Publication Date
Series Number
11-FSR 1
The FAPRI-ISU 2011 World Agricultural Outlook presents projections of world agricultural production, consumption, and trade under average weather patterns, existing farm policy, and policy commitments under current trade agreements and custom unions. These projections are intended for use by farmers, U.S. Congress, government agencies and officials, agribusinesses, and others who do medium-range and long-term planning. This outlook introduces a fertilizer model and a cellulosic ethanol model and presents an improved greenhouse gas emission accounting model. This allows FAPRI-ISU to include in its outlook projections of world fertilizer use by nutrient, by country, by commodity, and by year, and projections of greenhouse gas emissions by source, by country, and by year.
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Iowa State University
Citation Information
Miguel Carriquiry, Jerome R.F. Dumortier, Amani E. Elobeid, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, et al.. "FAPRI-ISU 2011 World Agricultural Outlook" (2011)
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