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GATT and CAP Reform: Different, Similar, or Redundant?
GATT Research Papers
  • Michael D. Helmar, Iowa State University
  • William H. Meyers, Iowa State University
  • Dermot J. Hayes, Iowa State University
Publication Date
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93-GATT 4
Agricultural production, consumption, and trade patterns are being influenced by major economic and policy changes. Among the most important are the reform of the CAP and a possible GATT agreement. A baseline containing CAP reform is compared to a GATT agreement and a scenario without CAP reform to obtain the impacts of these changes on world trade and prices of agricultural commodities.
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Iowa State University
Citation Information
Michael D. Helmar, William H. Meyers and Dermot J. Hayes. "GATT and CAP Reform: Different, Similar, or Redundant?" (1993)
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