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Experimental Methods in Consumer Preference Studies
Journal of Food Distribution Research
  • John A. Fox, Kansas State University
  • Dermot J. Hayes, Iowa State University
  • Jason F. Shogren, University of Wyoming
  • James B. Kliebenstein, Iowa State University
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Controlled experimental auctions can be used to elicit preferences for food products. We describe results from two series of experiments in which subjects revealed their willingness-to-pay for safer food. In one series, the risk reduction technology was not specified; in the other, it was identified as food irradiation. The results provide some evidence on the acceptability of food irradiation as a risk reduction technology.

This article is from Journal of Food Distribution Research, 27 (July 1996): 1–7.

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Food Distribution Research Society, Inc.
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John A. Fox, Dermot J. Hayes, Jason F. Shogren and James B. Kliebenstein. "Experimental Methods in Consumer Preference Studies" Journal of Food Distribution Research Vol. 27 (1996) p. 1 - 7
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