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On Innovative Forms in Crime Stories
  • Derek Nikitas, Eastern Kentucky University

More recently than I care to admit, I was a video store clerk. I’d like to think I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, but one perk I do miss is all the free movies. Free movies are why I’ve seen a lot more crime/noir films than I’ve read crime/noir books. I’m trying slowly to remedy that imbalance, but right now I’m going to celebrate movies—the steady stream of fantastic crime movies that have been produced in the wake of Pulp Fiction, the film that rather single-handedly revitalized the genre way back in 1994. Some folks call these movies Neo-Noir, as good a term as any, though perhaps a little odd for those of us who know that noir never really went away.

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Derek Nikitas. "On Innovative Forms in Crime Stories" (2006)
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