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What the Hell Is a Literary Thriller, Anyway?
  • Derek Nikitas, Eastern Kentucky University

’ve been trolling. Saw some blog chatter re: the endless debate over literary fiction versus genre fiction. (what’s to debate, except that lit fiction gets more prestige, genre fiction sells more books; seems to me an even tradeoff.) One guy’s got this long-winded theory about literary fiction being all logical and grownup and staid, while genre fiction is primitive, ritualistic, fantastic, appealing to the child-mind inside us all. This was his advertisement for genre fiction: reintegration of the child with the adult to become the fully self-actualized self, or something like that. I didn’t get it. He quoted Freud; I tuned out. Also, he’s wrong.

  • essay on literary thriller
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Derek Nikitas. "What the Hell Is a Literary Thriller, Anyway?" (2006)
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