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Triad-Based Role Discovery for Large Social Systems
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  • Derek Doran, Wright State University - Main Campus
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Conference Proceeding
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The social role of a participant in a social system conceptualizes the circumstances under which she chooses to interact with others, making their discovery and analysis important for theoretical and practical purposes. In this paper, we propose a methodology to detect such roles by utilizing the conditional triad censuses of ego-networks. These censuses are a promising tool for social role extraction because they capture the degree to which basic social forces push upon a user to interact with others in a system. Clusters of triad censuses, inferred from network samples that preserve local structural properties, define the social roles. The approach is demonstrated on two large online interaction networks.

Presented at the First Workshop on Interaction and Exchange in Social Media, Barcelona, Spain, November 10, 2014.

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Derek Doran. "Triad-Based Role Discovery for Large Social Systems" (2014)
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