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Unpublished Paper
A preliminary investigation of northern Ireland's housing market dynamics
MPRA paper (2012)
  • Derek Bond, University of Ulster
  • Emer Gallagher, University of Ulster
  • Elaine Ramsey, University of Ulster

In this paper recent developments in dynamic econometric methodology are used to explore the possibility of asset bubbles in the Northern Ireland housing market. This market is interesting as its house price trajectory is quite unlike any neighbouring market. In recent years it seems to have been influenced both by the general UK market and the Republic of Ireland's housing market. The dynamics of the market are explored through univariate analysis, using sequential unit root tests and fractional integration. The findings provide an indication of the principle developments in the market and could provide the basis for further causal analysis.

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Derek Bond, Emer Gallagher and Elaine Ramsey. "A preliminary investigation of northern Ireland's housing market dynamics" MPRA paper (2012)
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