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GIS and Spatial Statistics: Recent UK experiences and developments.
INvited paper ISI Congress (1999)
  • Derek Bond, University of Ulster

The uptake and use of GIS in the public sector in the United Kingdom was critically reviewed in a recent paper by Worrall & Bond (1996). Their main conclusion was that the high hopes about the use of GIS that had been prevalent during the late 1980s had failed to materialise. This they argued was due mainly to organisational and implementation issues but also highlighted the lack of effective spatial analysis techniques available to practitioners who have made the heavy investment needed in GIS. In this paper some of the practical developments in spatial analysis that have emerged from the work of the Regional Research Laboratories in the United Kingdom will be outlined

Publication Date
August, 1999
Citation Information
Derek Bond. "GIS and Spatial Statistics: Recent UK experiences and developments." INvited paper ISI Congress (1999)
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