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Northwestern Russia: a case study in "pocket" development
European Business Review (1996)
  • Derek Bond
  • Markku Tkyyklainen

Reports on the transition of the economy in Northwestern Russia - the only part of Russia with a land border with the European Union and a land rich in natural resources - from that of a command economy to that of a market-based economy. Reports the findings of field work into the business environment and development opportunities of the area and makes recommendations as to the conditions which need to be met to ensure successful joint ventures. Puts forward the case for the need to view regional development from a pocket perspective and to recognize that the market economy which is developing in Russia has a unique form which gives greater emphasis to work community.

Publication Date
October, 1996
Citation Information
Derek Bond and Markku Tkyyklainen. "Northwestern Russia: a case study in "pocket" development" European Business Review Vol. 96 Iss. 5 (1996)
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