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GIS and Spatial Analysis in Urban and Regional Research
Cities and Regions (2000)
  • Derek Bond

The early optimism surrounding GIS has now faded. Few GIS implementations have lived up to expectation. The most successful have been those at the operational level where their main role has been to replace paper maps with digital ones. However, as the cost of GIS implementation falls and spatial data becomes more readily available there is a need to consider the future of GIS and spatial analysis. This is particularly important in the field of urban and regional research especially where considerable investment in GIS has already been made. This paper looks at the major issues that face regional and urban research in the next stage of development of GIS and spatial analysis. The main conclusion of the paper is that regional and urban statistics offices and researchers are well placed to benefit from future developments in GIS and spatial analysis.

Publication Date
November, 2000
Citation Information
Derek Bond. "GIS and Spatial Analysis in Urban and Regional Research" Cities and Regions Vol. GIS Special (2000)
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