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What Makes a Body Somebody? (Podcast 009)
Bioethikos Podcasts
  • Dennis M. Sullivan, Cedarville University
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Today’s podcast continues our series on human personhood, this time delving into philosophy. We examine two competing views on human personhood, and we see why persons are not “piles of parts” like cars.
  • Bioethics,
  • human personhood,
  • philosophy

Theme Music: Gli Uccelli (The Birds), Part I. Prelude (Allegro moderato), by Respighi, courtesy of Shockwave Sound.

Special Music: “Breadcrumbs,” by Andrew Costerisan

Music Bumpers:

  • “The Harvest is Ready” and
  • “Love and Tears” (both) by Andrew Costerisan

Special Thanks:

  • Aaron Costerisan, our 2006-2007 Center for Bioethics Fellow
  • Andrew Costerisan (Aaron’s brother, and a Cedarville University student), for our special and bumper music this time
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Dennis M. Sullivan. "What Makes a Body Somebody? (Podcast 009)" (2007)
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