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Paradigm Shift: Why the Need?
Chiropractic Journal of Australia (2008)
  • Dennis M Richards

The projected costs of trends expected to occur in Australian society over the next 40 years, particularly demographic changes, have the potential to threaten the fiscal sustainability of Australian Government finances. These costs particularly relate to the financing of health care. The Strategic Plan of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australian (National) Ltd. includes two strategies that seek to address this situation. This paper details these trends and threats, why new models of health care will be required, and why a paradigm shift in thinking in health care may be needed.

  • Chiropractic,
  • philosophy,
  • history,
  • politics
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Dennis M Richards. "Paradigm Shift: Why the Need?" Chiropractic Journal of Australia Vol. 38 (2008)
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