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Novel Linkage of Individual and Geographic Data to Study Firearm Violence
Homicide Studies (2008)
  • Charles Branas, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dennis P Culhane, University of Pennsylvania
  • T Richmond, University of Pennsylvania
  • Doug Weibe

Firearm violence is the end result of a causative web of individual-level and geographic risk factors. Few, if any, studies of firearm violence have been able to simultaneously determine the population-based relative risks that individuals experience as a result of what they were doing at a specific point in time and where they were, geographically, at a specific point in time. This paper describes the linkage of individual and geographic data that was undertaken as part of a population-based case-control study of firearm violence in Philadelphia. New methods and applications of these linked data relevant to researchers and policymakers interested in firearm violence are also discussed.

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Charles Branas, Dennis P Culhane, T Richmond and Doug Weibe. "Novel Linkage of Individual and Geographic Data to Study Firearm Violence" Homicide Studies Vol. 12 (2008)
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