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Unpublished Paper
The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: An International Review
  • Nicholas Pleace
  • Dennis P Culhane
  • Riitta Granfelt
  • Marcus Knutagard

The review covered the whole of the programme to reduce long-term homelessness implemented during 2008–2011 and 2012–2015, Paavo I and Paavo II. The review focused on the programme as a whole as well as its different aspects from the point of view of implementing the Housing First model in Finnish society. The review report described work on homelessness done in the United Kingdom, Sweden and the USA, focusing particularly on operating practices that could be used in work on homelessness in Finland. The review is based on the background materials collected for the evaluation team as well as two field visits in Helsinki (28–30 April and 15–18 September 2014). In addition to this, the researchers have each utilised materials related to homelessness in their own country as well as international research on homelessness.

The review report focuses on the following aspects of work on homelessness: strategic planning, the real estate market, prevention, mobile support/light support models, the Housing First principle as well as special needs by target group. As a basis for the thematic chapters, the programme as a whole has been briefly introduced at the start of the report along with its implementers and goals, and the results reached and the topical challenges have been highlighted. In the chapter on the conclusions, the content of the thematic chapters has been condensed into recommendations for further work after the programme period. The conclusions can be divided into three main sections: property markets and strategies, housing social work in the sense of preventive and strong support as well as research needs, the assessment of effectiveness in particular.

Publication Date
January, 2015
Citation Information
Nicholas Pleace, Dennis P Culhane, Riitta Granfelt and Marcus Knutagard. "The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: An International Review" (2015)
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