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The Homelessness Analytics Initiative
  • Dennis P Culhane
  • Thomas Byrne
  • Kenneth Steif, University of Pennsylvania
  • Anne E Montgomery
Access critical national, state, and local information about homelessness and related factors. I. Explore Maps and Variables: Choose from dozens of homelessness related data points to map at a variety of geographic resolutions and scales over the last several years. II. Forecast Changes in Homelessness: Access models of how different demographic, economic, and safety net variables affect homelessness. Interactively change values and see forecast results. III. Charts, Graphs, and Tables: Chart trends in homelessness over time, explore relationships between social indicators and homelessness, and download tables of data.
  • Homelessness,
  • Population Estimates,
  • Needs Assessment
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Dennis P Culhane, Thomas Byrne, Kenneth Steif and Anne E Montgomery. "The Homelessness Analytics Initiative" (2013)
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