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Evidence for Posttranslational Control of Hb C Synthesis in an Individual With Hb C Trait and Alpha-Thalassemia.
  • S A Liebhaber
  • F E Cash
  • Dennis B Cornfield, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
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The level of Hb C in the erythrocytes of individuals with Hb C trait decreases significantly in the presence of coexisting alpha-thalassemia. This relationship may result from the higher affinity of beta A than beta C for limiting amounts of alpha-globin during hemoglobin assembly. This mechanism would predict that the beta A and beta C synthetic capacity in alpha-thalassemic individuals with Hb C trait should be balanced despite the low levels of Hb C in their circulating erythrocytes. To directly test this prediction, we have measured the beta A and beta C synthetic capacity of reticulocyte RNA isolated from two individuals with Hb C trait, one with a normal alpha-globin genotype and one with alpha-thalassemia. The balanced expression of beta A and beta C in both cases supports the proposed posttranslational control over Hb C expression.
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Liebhaber, S. A., Cash, F. E., & Cornfield, D. B. (1988). Evidence for posttranslational control of Hb C synthesis in an individual with Hb C trait and alpha-thalassemia. Blood, 71(2), 502-504.