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Can There Be a Knowledge - First Ethics of Belief?
The Ethics of Belief (2014)
  • Dennis Whitcomb, Western Washington University
How do people form beliefs, and how should they do so? This book presents seventeen new essays on these questions, drawing together perspectives from philosophy and psychology. The first section explores the ethics of belief from an individualistic framework. It begins by examining the question of doxastic voluntarism-i.e., the extent to which people have control over their beliefs. It then shifts to focusing on the kinds of character that epistemic agents should cultivate, what their epistemic ends ought to be, and the way in which these issues are related to other traditional questions in epistemology. The section concludes by examining questions of epistemic value, of whether knowledge is in some sense primary, and of whether the ethics of belief falls within the domain of epistemology or ethics.
  • Ethics of belief
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Jonathan Matheson and Rico Vitz
Oxford University Press
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Dennis Whitcomb. "Can There Be a Knowledge - First Ethics of Belief?" The Ethics of Belief (2014)
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