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Oxford Bibliographies Online (2010)
  • Dennis Whitcomb, Western Washington University
The word philosophy stems from philo and sophia, Greek terms often translated as “love” and “wisdom,” respectively. There is very little contemporary philosophical work on wisdom; much historical work exists on the subject, as well as a large body of work in contemporary cognitive psychology, but as for contemporary philosophy, the work on wisdom is confined mainly to attempts by ethicists and epistemologists to broaden their domains of theorizing. This work is growing rapidly, and for good reason; wisdom is intimately associated with numerous issues epistemologists and ethicists have been interested in, and working on, for a long time. Work on wisdom outside of philosophy is also rapidly growing. One testament to all this growth is the University of Chicago’s implementation of a $2 million research grant for an interdisciplinary project titled “Defining Wisdom.”
  • Wisdom,
  • Philosophy
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Dennis Whitcomb. "Wisdom" Oxford Bibliographies Online (2010)
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