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Social Epistemology: Essential Readings
  • Dennis Whitcomb, Western Washington University
  • Alvin I. Goldman
What if anything justifies us in believing the testimony of others? How should we react to disagreement between ourselves and our peers, and to disagreement among the experts when we ourselves are novices? Can beliefs be held by groups of people in addition to the people composing those groups? And if so, how should groups go about forming their beliefs? How should we design social systems, such as legal juries and scientific research-sharing schemes, to promote knowledge among the people who engage in them? When different groups of people judge different beliefs to be justified, how can we tell which groups are correct? These questions are at the heart of the vital discipline of social epistemology. The classic articles in this volume address these questions in ways that are both cutting-edge and easy to understand. This volume will be of great interest to scholars and students in epistemology.
  • Social epistemology
Publication Date
February 11, 2011
Alvin I. Goldman and Dennis Whitcomb
Oxford University Press
Citation Information
Dennis Whitcomb and Alvin I. Goldman. Social Epistemology: Essential Readings. (2011)
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