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The Moral Psychology of Curiosity
  • Ilhan Inan
  • Lani Watson
  • Dennis Whitcomb, Western Washington University
  • Safiye Yigit
Curiosity has taken a winding path through intellectual history, from Early Christian vice to Enlightenment virtue and beyond. This original volume sees contemporary philosophers and psychologists examining the nature and value of curiosity, shedding light on some of its most interesting features and exploring its role in human experience. Authors examine the nature and history of curiosity, the psychology of curiosity and its relationship to interest, understanding, and desire, the impact of language in shaping our curiosity, the cultivation and measurement of curiosity, and the vital part that curiosity can and should play in education. With perspectives on curiosity from all over the world, this diverse, interdisciplinary collection provides an in-depth and multi-faceted examination of the epistemological, psychological, moral, and educative dimensions of curiosity.
  • Curiosity,
  • Nature of curiosity,
  • Psychology of curiosity
Publication Date
November 15, 2018
Ilhan Innan, Lani Watson, Dennis Whitcomb, and Safiye Yigit
Rowman and Littlefield International
Moral Psychology of the Emotions
Citation Information
Ilhan Inan, Lani Watson, Dennis Whitcomb and Safiye Yigit. The Moral Psychology of Curiosity. (2018)
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