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About Dennille Mellesia Smith

Dennille Smith attended of University Hospital of The West Indies School of Nursing 1991-1994 completed Nursing Program and branched out in several fields of Nursing from Operation Theatre ,Recovery, Pyschiatry, Research Nurse to Managerial/ Supervisory positions in Nursing.Although had an innate Healer ,felt there was more and sought answers and development.

In 2010 met Guruji ,Mahendra Trivedi ,and under his tutelage experience mas- sive spiritual development and growth. Mr Mahendra Trivedi a forerunner in his class.He has the unique ability to harness Universe energy and transmit it organic and non or- ganic matter( which includes individuals) to anywhere in the universe, which is called the Trivedi Effect. Trivedi Effect connects with the individual and uniquely enhancing and altering at the individual blueprint quintessentially optimizing the person abilities potential and growth.

Mr. Trivedi has expressed the significance role of science not only for de- velopment of humanity but in ascertaining objective re efficacy and poten- cy of this energy.Highly impressive was his cashew experiment which demonstrated qualitative and quantitive improvement in yield .There were other Research he conducted in area of microbiology, pharmacology, biotechnology, genetics ,livestock in adjunct Mr. Trivedi has amassed over 4,000 studies under his belt and 250,000 testimonials to collaborate the biography effectivity of His bio-field treatment.Result often awe-struck Scientists, which led to collaborations with lead scientist Dr. Rustom Roy a Material Scientist from Penn State University and nominated for the Nobel prize 23 times.

Dennille Smith first encounter with Trivedi Effect was profound had much more energy, inner peace, higher cognitive function. Thus joining the Trivedi family officially March, 2011.

In 2013 Mr. Trivedi graciously extended the invitation to be participant in an in house controlled experiment using bio-field treatment which had alarming results .On a much greater scale Mr.Trivedi again invited members of Trivedi family to participate in another science experiment which this time would be analyzed by scientist.Ms Smith participated as a member of Group V. Ms. Smith by means of the The Trivedi Effect has the ability to harness The Divine Grace and transmit this life force globally and currently a contributant to Scientific community as paper as being submitted for peer-review sci-ence publication.

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Present Bachlor, researcher, University Hospital of The West Indies School ‐ Nursing

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