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Faculty Self-Archiving Practices: A Case Study
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  • Denise Troll Covey, Carnegie Mellon University
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Faculty web pages were examined to learn about self-archiving practice at Carnegie Mellon. More faculty are self-archiving their work and more work is being self-archived than expected. However, the distribution of self-archiving activity across the disciplines is not as expected. More faculty self-archive journal articles than other publications, but more conference papers are self-archived than journal articles. Many faculty who self-archive have self-archived fewer than ten publications. A small number of faculty has self-archived most of the work that is available open access from faculty web pages. Significant differences in faculty behavior within departments cannot be explained by disciplinary culture.
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Denise Troll Covey. "Faculty Self-Archiving Practices: A Case Study" (2009)
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