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Eifer für den Sabbat
Salvation & Service (2007)
  • Denis Kaiser
This is an article about Rachel Oakes Preston (1809-1868), a Seventh-Day Baptist, who persuaded a several members of the Millerite congregation of Christian Connectionists in Washington, N.H., to keep the Seventh-day Sabbath in early 1844.
  • Sabbatarian Millerism,
  • Sabbatarianism,
  • Seventh-Day Baptists,
  • Seventh-day Adventists,
  • Rachel Oakes Preston,
  • Joseph Bates,
  • Sabbatarian Adventism
Publication Date
July, 2007
Citation Information
Denis Kaiser. “Eifer für den Sabbat.” Salvation & Service. July 2007, 6–7.