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Interracial Cooperatives at the University of IllInois. 1940-1960
American Educational History Journal (2002)
  • Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, University of South Florida
Very little attention has been given to a discussion of interracial cooperatives on college and university campuses. In fact the literature discusses interracial partnerships and organizations but does not ameliorate the value of these partnerships on college and university campuses. This paper will investigate interracial partnerships (e.g., Congress on Racial Equality-CORE, Student Community Interracial Committee-SCIC, and student Community Human Relations Council-SCHRC) that were fonned on the University of lllinois at Urbana- Champaign campus during the years of 1940- 1960 in an effort to fight extant racial discrimination. Sources utilized for this paper will include institutional records, correspondence records, CORE papers and selected interviews.
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Deirdre Cobb-Roberts. "Interracial Cooperatives at the University of IllInois. 1940-1960" American Educational History Journal Vol. 29 (2002)
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