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Youth,Modernization and Social Transformation
Language in India (2011)
  • Deepak Paliwal, Dr

Youth represents the dynamic character of Human Society.Youth has the capacity to absorb new challenges and evolve new values in a fast changing society. Thus, through its youth, a society copes with new challenges and demands and passes from a traditional mold to modernity. In the present paper an attempt has been made to assess the attitude of the youth especially rural youth towards various issues i.e. view regarding marriage, superstitious beliefs, views regarding gender equality etc.

  • Youth,
  • Modernization,
  • Social Transformation,
  • Higher Education
Publication Date
Summer April 4, 2011
Citation Information
Deepak Paliwal. "Youth,Modernization and Social Transformation" Language in India Vol. 11 Iss. 11 (2011)
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