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A Fruitful Collaboration: Offering More than Faculty Profiles
Georgia Council of Media Organization Annual Conference (GaCOMO)
  • Ashley D. Lowery, Georgia Southern University
  • Debra G. Skinner, Georgia Southern University
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The institutional repository Digital Commons@Georgia Southern launched in Fall 2013. Faculty immediately began to utilize the services including journals/conferences sites and SelectedWorks faculty profiles. The repository also sparked an unexpected success: collaboration between the Zach S. Henderson Library and the Office of Research. The Office of Research created an Expertise Search and purchased Plum Analytics, two services that integrate with SelectedWorks profiles. The Expertise Search is a tool for users to find faculty members by expertise keywords. Plum Analytics provides faculty with traditional metrics (citations) as well as altmetrics (usage, captures, mentions, and social media). Through these tools, the Henderson Library can reuse metadata and offer more than just faculty profiles. In this presentation, learn about each service, their integration with one another, and the broader significance they have to the scholarly community. We will highlight our successes and struggles, our marketing strategies, and faculty’s feedback on the systems.

Athens, GA
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Ashley D. Lowery and Debra G. Skinner. "A Fruitful Collaboration: Offering More than Faculty Profiles" Georgia Council of Media Organization Annual Conference (GaCOMO) (2015)
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