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Bacterial pathogens isolated from cultured bullfrogs (Rana castesbeiana).
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation (2002)
  • M. J. Mauel
  • Debra L Miller, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • K. S. Frazier
  • M. E. Hines II
A commercial bullfrog (Rana castesbeiana) operation in south Georgia had multiple epizootics of systemic bacterial infections over a 3-year period, 1998-2000. A number of potential pathogens (Aeromonas hydrophila, Chryseobacterium (Flavobacterium) meningosepticum, Chryseobacterium (Flavobacterium) indolgenes, Edwardsiella tarda, Citrobacterfreundii, Pseudomonas spp., and (Streptococcus iniae) were isolated from various tissues. Clinically, frogs demonstrated acute onset of torticolis, stupor, and indifference to stimuli. Cutaneous hyperemia, subcutaneous and muscular hemorrhage, and peripheral edema were consistent gross findings. Histologically, clusters of lymphocytes, monocytes, and occasional acidophiles with scattered granulomas occurred in liver, kidney, and spleen. This is the first report of S. inae and C. meningosepticum as potential disease agents in R. castesbeiana. These findings suggest that a variety of bacteria may be associated with redleg and that culture results must be obtained for accurate diagnosis.
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M. J. Mauel, Debra L Miller, K. S. Frazier and M. E. Hines II. "Bacterial pathogens isolated from cultured bullfrogs (Rana castesbeiana)." Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation Vol. 14 Iss. 5 (2002)
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